Virtual Tours will boost the hotel digital marketing


The vast majority of hoteliers agrees that even though daily duties comprise a diversity of tasks, your ultimate goal is to close sales. To do so, digital marketing is extremely important as it contributes to the achievement of ambitious goals through high conversion rates.

Digital marketing is an entire world that can decisively contribute in enhancing sales in a myriad of ways. Virtual tours are just one of the ways that describe this world and as soon as you finish reading this article this should come as no surprise. Hotel’s sales can be broken into many pieces, which as a whole explain the properties business, and virtual tours are one of these fundamental pieces.

They are an accurate reflection of a location simply obtained through a sequence of images, which can significantly influence your business. But the relationship between both might not be crystal clear. Nonetheless, with the following advantages, we believe hoteliers will understand the importance of this new trend.

If a picture tells more than 1000 words, a virtual tour is worth a lot more. With high quality images, visitors can experience the facilities without having been there by “walking through” the hotel and not just “seeing through” like in the past. Decision-making is made easy with accurate information that describes properties and showcase what to expect for the money paid. Choices are founded on a real view rather than a hunch of what the property looks like. Reaching out for credit cards is safer and is less prone to unfortunate surprises.

Cost effective marketing tool. Numbers speak for themselves; virtual tours reduce the amount of wasted viewings by 40% (source: Property Week). This means they are responsible for increasing the likelihood of visitors closing a sale while navigating in your website. Moreover, pictures are taken simply once to build the virtual tour but stay available for an infinite amount of views, improving the return on investment dramatically. A cost friendly and truly timesaving marketing technique.


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